At a very young age, Ula Drac wanted to make a difference in the world after witnessing injustices to people like her throughout her childhood.  Some years later, she attended a renowned university as a young law student, and while there, she felt compelled to join an advocacy group known as “The Cause.”  Even though this group did not fight for the rights of people like her, she was intrigued by the man who first introduced her to them.  He would soon become her husband and shortly thereafter, the couple had a child.  All seemed right in the world and over the next few years, Ula dedicated her every waking moment to fighting for “The Cause” and their efforts to change “The System.”

Tragedy strikes when Ula’s husband is gunned down in front of her eyes by “The Authorities”, who work as agents of “The System.”  A few days later, angry and distressed, she turns to “The Cause” to enlist their help. She storms into their office unexpectedly only to stumble upon him. The same member of “The Authority” who had slain her husband in cold-blood was also working with “The Cause!”

 At that very moment, Ula realized all the work she had done had never truly been to help others, but instead those efforts were used against those like her.  When she tried to escape, they drugged her and carried her unconscious body from their office.  They entombed her alive in a casket which was dumped at the bottom of a marsh filled with blood and waste from experiments held at the university.

As fate would have it, her orphaned son was then adopted, only to grow up and become a decorated member of “The Authorities.”


Years later at a rally/fundraiser for “The Cause”, Ula was spotted by one of her old friends out of a crowd of 5000 people. She politely waved hello. And without a moments hesitation…

…she killed them all.

“This is only the beginning.”
– Drac, Ula

DRAC-ULA © and TM Fred Haynes 2015.

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4 Responses to “INSIGHT: DRACULA”

  1. This is really cool! Her enemy is a powerful organization.


  2. Super creative Fred! Thx for the invite!

    Liked by 1 person

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