The Journal of Dr. Hope Miles

July 31, 1947

“The reason you are here now is because every event in your life has steered you to this moment.”

Once he had told us that, what had started off as a peaceful evening began turning into something quite different.  A small group of doctors along with myself had been invited to share our expertise in our respective fields.  Our host was extremely excited to introduce to us what would become new innovative practices for us to utilize in our professions.

His plan seemed to have the old comic book villain premise of taking over the world.  At first some of us laughed, but, then when he brandished his gun and shot one of the attendees in their head, we soon realized he was serious.  He said he would administer food and drugs to cripple the masses and would also send subliminal messages to be transmitted into their homes.  He had devised a plan for people to voluntarily desire less control over their lives by utilizing their governments to turn them all into children.  They would become dependent on other people to do for them and what they could do for themselves.  He controlled us all.

He stated that everything in our lives had been about misdirection.  If he wanted us to be angry, then what we really should have been was calm.  When he had us search into outer space, then perhaps we should have been looking deeply within ourselves.  If you thought that the men were going to save you, then you should have been looking to the women.  He said that we would be working for him now…everything would go on just as it always had and that this was merely a formality.  He thought we should finally see for whom we were actually working.

That’s when the Martian revealed himself.


“Your only hope for the future, was in your past.”—The Martian

Our bodies were gripped with horror as our blood ran ice-cold.  It was an alien invasion and we were being used to keep the people of Earth under submission.  Our first thoughts were that we were going to fight back, but, it was as if he was right there in our minds.  He began to quickly disperse any hopes of that.

He said to look around us.  On every continent we’d find ruins of our world from the past and we’d foolishly credit the work to others.  He said that there’s evidence of nuclear devastation from thousands of years ago which caused a nuclear winter or an Ice Age.  In some areas there are even sunken cities.  He smiled as he said  to us, “We destroyed you a long time ago.  Those things are all evidence of your defeat…they symbolize who you were before we arrived here.”

Our people had fought valiantly for centuries, even out among the stars.  Then the Martians discovered one of the places from where we came.  They realized that humans evolved at certain stages in our lives and at some point we became too powerful for them to even combat.  Consequently they devised a plan…to destroy us before we matured.  They would use a virus that would infect us and drive some of us violently insane.  In others there would be a thirst for blood and mayhem.  It would spread across the Earth.  The Martians would cause the people to try to kill each other before anyone became a real threat.

However, there was always someone who would escape their net and break free of the traps.  That person would try to warn the others, but, people were so drugged that they couldn’t even begin to grasp what he or she was saying.  That’s when the Martians began to employ medicines.  They began to make some of us sick, and then told the others that they possessed a cure.  In reality, they just simply stopped making us sick.  My fellow physicians and I were brought to this place today to make sure our people stayed down.

The Martian said not to be angry or try to fight…that there was simply nothing we could do.  He went on to say that even our educational system had become a form of conditioning.  They selected those of us who followed orders best and asked questions the least to be moved up in their system.  Those who were less apt to be obedient were drugged, imprisoned, sterilized or exterminated.  There were others that the Martians made complacent by rewarding them to the point that they couldn’t even conceive that they were being oppressed.

I felt some relief as I thought to myself because I could see a flaw in his plan.  As I realized these things a small smile began to appear on my face.  That’s when the Martian looked over at me.  He quickly grabbed me by my throat, lifted me into the air and slammed my head against the wall.  He sneered at me and for the first time there was an anger in his voice as he spoke these horrible words directly to me…

…”This isn’t your world anymore…

…and it hasn’t been for a long time”.


—End of journal entry









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