Three days ago, Annalee Tutta, had been suffering from migraine headaches. She decided to go to the doctor and he prescribed a medication for her, which she thought would help with the symptoms. He also recommended a road trip. The doctor knew of a beautiful place to get away where she and her husband could even take the kids. As per her usual visit, the doctor gave the children candy for waiting so patiently for their mother to finish her examination.

Well, truth be told Annalee didn’t really care much for road trips. They always made her uneasy when they had to stop in certain towns for gas at rest stops. However, her husband always felt that they should go out and explore the country. He thought it would be good for the kids to see something different other than their back yard. Usually when they started off on a trip they made sure they packed everything they needed, but, on this particular trip the kids ran through the food much quicker than she anticipated. Their appetites had been going crazy for the last two days. It’s like that when you have two growing boys and a little girl in tow.

The hunger bug hit them again, along with a full bladder, so they had to make an unexpected pit stop. There were signs that they looked out for when making these trips. It let them know if they were going to end up in some kind of backwoods location. But times had changed since they had taken their last trip. A revolution had started, and there had been a mandate to tear down those signs, after all, some people found them “offensive.” They pulled off the highway into a small town. She looked around for the “signs” and couldn’t find any, but, she could feel that something wasn’t right inside. Her husband tried to reassure her that things would be fine, but it wasn’t long before a few of the locals pulled up beside them at the station. They wore the sign on their jackets. They started in with a few looks, then the name calling began. Her husband calmly told her to get the children back in the car.

As he started the car up one of the locals stepped in front of it. A few others leaned up against their windows and began making crude comments about Annalee and her daughter. One of them busted the glass on her side. Her husband reached over her… and shot the first one in the face.

He then turned and shot another local on his side and reached out of the window and fired on the one in the front. He glanced over at her and apologized. He didn’t mean for them to be in this type of situation. The others began to scatter as he stepped out of the car. Gunshots continued to fill the air as they began to exchange fire but when he climbed back into the car and sped off, none of them were left standing.

As they drove down the road she began to notice something different about him. “Y’know, it’s like they took the poison label off a jar of poison. They took down the signs but kept the people, what sense does that make?” she said to him, but he was angry, and he kept talking and talking. She began trying to calm him down, but, he just wouldn’t listen. She looked back at the children and their eyes were filled with tears, their crying wouldn’t stop no matter how much she tried to console them. She told him that they should pull over at the next stop and try to calm the children down, but he bolted past it. He just kept talking and banging on the dashboard. She knew when he got like this that it was best to just leave him alone.

 He pulled off onto the next exit and drove through the town to the hospital. He was hurt. She saw the blood for the first time on his leg. One of them must have gotten lucky and hit him. She prayed it wasn’t serious. When they pulled up to the hospital she told the children to stay seated and ran in to follow her husband into the ER. She heard him mistakenly say that she’d been shot, and she tried to correct him. but again he wouldn’t listen. Just then she spotted something at the hospital, slightly tucked away behind a few filing cabinets, a sign. She yelled at her husband for them to leave and as she turned back to check on the children in the car she could sense something was not right. That’s when some more of the locals  pulled up, and as Annalee ran and approached the car her heart sank. She saw her body as it lay slumped over in the passenger seat.

As the locals began to set the car on fire with her children still inside, a rage swelled up so strong and so deep down inside her that she let out a scream.

It was in that moment that everyone heard and saw her.

But the locals just smiled and said…

“Dr Frank says hello.”


” They killed me before my husband could even draw his weapon.” —Annalee Tutta

4 Responses to “INSIGHT: THE GHOST”

  1. Wow! This was a good insight! Intense!
    Those warning signs, however dumb they are, would’ve been indicators to keeping them out of trouble.

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    • There’s signs everywhere. But I think if someone is willing to put up a sign to say that they mean you harm, then you should let them. The same as a beware of dog sign on someone’s property.


  2. In a way those signs are kind of like a courtesy. A dumb mistake on their part to put them up in the first place, ’cause a lion never warns a gazelle… removing the signs actually tricks their prey into foolishly getting devoured.

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