What’s Wrong With This Generation Today?



noun: fairy; plural noun: fairies

  1. a small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, especially a female one.

It’s a phrase that’s been heard time and time again from the mouths of an elder generation in regards to the younger ones.  Today’s children don’t seem to have the same sense that we had.

They’re wild, they have no respect, they talk any kind of way to anybody.  Where are the manners of the younger generation?  The degradation of women, the glorification of violence and the adulation of clownish behavior simply to attain money.

How is it that they’ve become these uncontrollable badly behaved individuals?  I think the answer to that is fairly simple.

Fred Haynes

The previous generation dropped the ball.  They let them down.  In their desire to attain the almighty dollar they outsourced their most valuable commodity…their children.  Not all of the older generation is responsible for this, but, it appears to me that the ones who are the most surprised by this type of behavior, are usually the main culprits behind its cause.

They chose to believe public education was an umbrella that included the teaching of reading, writing and responsibility.  Nowadays you can throw social skills into that mix.  Raising children for them was a thing of the past.  Talking to them and telling them about their life struggles and what they had experienced wasn’t necessary anymore, they would learn all of that in school.  School would teach them everything they would ever need to know, including about themselves.  This is why they ended up disrespecting their parents…where does the older generation think they “learned” that from?  Whose responsibility was it if the next generation grew up to have absolutely none of the ideals or morals that they wanted them to have?  Apparently that all fell under the responsibility of the high and mighty school.

I am going to keep this short by saying that I agree that the younger generations did indeed and still do have a serious problem.

The problem with the younger generation…

…is that the older one didn’t realize…

…that they were their responsibility.

We are approaching what will be the last 2 Insights for now.  It’s time to concentrate on the main story, The Further Adventures of John Henry.  I have had a great deal of fun coming up with a different story every week for the past 18 weeks and I’ve enjoyed the likes and feedback I’ve received along the way.  However, it’s time to get the this ball rolling since T.H.o.R also seems to really be picking up steam.

Up next week Monday, The Fairy.

THE FAIRY © Fred Haynes 2015.

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4 Responses to “What’s Wrong With This Generation Today?”

  1. …fairly simple, indeed!! ☆☆☆☆☆

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  2. The older generation did fail us. In more ways than one.

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