What’s The Problem With Ultimate Power?

If you had ultimate power and total control over absolutely everything and everyone on Earth…

…you would probably end up evil.

Not just by having the world under your control.  That wouldn’t automatically lead to you doing bad things to people.  Not a lack of identifying with people.  You can always put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand what they’re going through.  No, the two monsters that you would have to deal with are far worse than any of those things.

They are fear and boredom.

Big LizWe make light of boredom but that is something we fight against every moment of every day.  We must keep moving forward either physically or mentally or we will feel ourselves begin to die.  I remember how hard it was as a child just to sit still in a classroom for hours and thinking back, that’s not natural.  The classes became boring and once you’re bored you invent ways to entertain yourself.  Now imagine the whole world is yours to play with.

After you’ve actually achieved all of your goals, making whatever improvements you’ve decided to make, what’s next?  I think that is when people begin to suffer.  See if you have all of civilization at your feet then everyone becomes afraid of you and it’s been my experience that people treat others very differently once they realize they fear them.

When someone fears you without any true physical reason you lose respect for them, and in some ways it angers you.  Again I’m speaking from my own experience.  I remember once seeing an elderly lady get up off a bench to begin walking rapidly away from me and turning back to see if I was following her.  At first I found it amusing because I meant her no harm, but then it turned to anger because, she thought I did.  That’s one of the problems I believe that comes with power.  Your attitude may actually get worse from people fearing you…then couple that with boredom.

I think that’s where your court jesters and coliseums come into the picture.  There was no one to really stop people when they came into unlimited power in the past, so they made a game out of the lives of other people.  Putting men against women, short against tall, and of course the obvious.  It was all a game.  A sick game…but still to them just a game.  As empires fell and others arose, eventually one person would rise to power and the same thing would happen over again.

We say things have changed now and things are different.  The world is no longer like that and that the people in power now have a series of checks and balances to keep them in place.

 Eventually with our system in place there won’t be any more suffering or starvation and everyone will be treated equally.  We say that someday everything will be fair for all people…

…but when you really sit down to think about it…

…will it really?

I mean, has it ever been?

I hope I’m wrong.

What does this have to do with Big Liz?  Find out Monday.

Up next week Monday, Big Liz.

BIG LIZ © Fred Haynes 2015.

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~ by underworldstudios on October 13, 2015.

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  1. Love the work man… Great art..!

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