Harlan Senett, always kept to himself growing up, and as a child he spent most of his free time reading and enjoying music.  He was an only child who grew up in a very small home in the south.  His parents didn’t have much but were always able to make sure he had what he needed.  One winter, Harlan’s parents fell ill, and with not being able to work they eventually ran into financial troubles, times became hard.  His parents eventually lost their battle with their mysterious illness, and other family members stepped in to help.  Harlan went off to live with his Aunt Frida and her husband Samuel.

During the day Harlan and his Aunt Frida would dance to old songs that she loved…she favored the waltz.  She would dress him up as though he were going to an extravagant party and reminded him daily that “clothes make the man.”  It was the same thing his mother used to say.  Frida taught him about music and art, and gave him an appreciation of what she viewed as life’s important things.  He loved spending time with her, it was like his mother was still alive, and it helped him to not feel so alone.

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Clothes Make The Man

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