Is This A Sign Of The Times? (INSIGHT: THE GHOST)

Three days ago, Annalee Tutta, had been suffering from migraine headaches. She decided to go to the doctor and he prescribed a medication for her, which she thought would help with the symptoms. He also recommended a road trip. The doctor knew of a beautiful place to get away where she and her husband could even take the kids. As per her usual visit, the doctor gave the children candy for waiting so patiently for their mother to finish her examination.

Well, truth be told Annalee didn’t really care much for road trips. They always made her uneasy when they had to stop in certain towns for gas at rest stops. However, her husband always felt that they should go out and explore the country. He thought it would be good for the kids to see something different other than their back yard. Usually when they started off on a trip they made sure they packed everything they needed, but, on this particular trip the kids ran through the food much quicker than she anticipated. Their appetites had been going crazy for the last two days. It’s like that when you have two growing boys and a little girl in tow.

The hunger bug hit them again, along with a full bladder, so they had to make an unexpected pit stop. There were signs that they looked out for when making these trips. It let them know if they were going to end up in some kind of backwoods location. But times had changed since they had taken their last trip. A revolution had started, and there had been a mandate to tear down those signs, after all, some people found them “offensive.” They pulled off the highway into a small town. She looked around for the “signs” and couldn’t find any, but, she could feel that something wasn’t right inside. Her husband tried to reassure her that things would be fine, but it wasn’t long before a few of the locals pulled up beside them at the station. They wore the sign on their jackets. They started in with a few looks, then the name calling began. Her husband calmly told her to get the children back in the car…

For the rest of the origin story behind THE GHOST character from the upcoming series,
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The GHOST © Fred Haynes 2015.

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  1. Would she look great with some fangs…..

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  2. Nice synopsis…..

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